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Sally Wilson has worked tirelessly for animals for most of her life. As a small child she rescued baby birds that had fallen out of their nests and released butterflies and other insects from her brother’s jar collection. She grew up and moved on to rescuing dogs, cats, horses, birds and so on

Sally worked to stop the killing of whales back in the late seventies when Australia was still whaling and exposed the free range egg scandal in NSW. Sally spearheaded many successful campaigns such as stopping recreational duck shooting in New South Wales and a project to save native animals killed on Australian roads. She organised the first ever animal welfare conference in Asia.

Rescuing animals in the aftermath of volcanos and mudslides in Asia is all in a day’s work for Sally who is not afraid to risk her life or get her hands dirty. Animals she’s helped range from tigers to a gorilla to the humble magpie. To Sally, they’re all just as deserving.

APAA was set up Sally in 2002 and has a strong focus on helping domestic animals Sally’s work for animals in Asia means APAA is a strong supporter of groups like Soi Dogs in Thailand and the Philippine Animal Welfare Association.

APAA Founder Sally Wilson

“Animals cannot defend themselves against the cruelty of people. We must be their voice.”

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